Make A Vet Sweat is honored to have created valuable win-win partnerships with a variety of gyms and businesses in Texas and beyond. These partnerships have directly increased our results and have helped thousands of people gain the physical and mental power necessary to exponentially increase their quality of life. We have been extremely fortunate to develop partnership with truly amazing people who have not only built dynamic organizations that bring value to their customers, but who also spend valuable time and resources in an effort to improve their communities and take on important causes such as PTSD.


We are genuinely interested in working with every type of organization, and no matter what field you are part of, we ensure that our partnership will be maximized to its fullest potential as we gain more favorable results in the fight against PTSD.

As MAVS expands through Texas to help more Veterans, every partnership is essential to us and the remarkable things that we are accomplishing. Imagine how much more potential can be reached with our mission and your organization as we become partners.

In 2016, we funded 65 memberships for veterans and their spouses in which 80% resigned with their chosen gym and still continue with their group fitness memberships today. If you’re a gym or business owner and interested in the partnership with a credible 501(c)(3) Veteran nonprofit, and being featured across all MAVS social media platforms, please contact us!

*Dedicated partnership will receive VIP special seating and recognition at all annual MAVS Bodybuilding Classics and yearly Charity Gala.



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Volunteer: “Volunesia = that moment when you forget you’re volunteering to help change lives because it’s changing yours.”

Our all-volunteer team is comprised of service members, Veterans, family members, and supporters. For more information, just fill out the quick volunteer form.