First and foremost, I would like to thank all of my brothers and sisters for your service to our country. I understand, first hand, what most of you have been through being a Veteran myself and feel there is an urgent need for more alternate means of dealing with the traumas that we have all endured.

Upon getting out of the military and seeking help, I was assigned to a counselor and like everyone else prescribed anti-depressants. The treatment system I was a part of seemed to be more of a “one size fits all” plan, which definitely did not work for me. It was then that I looked back on my earlier years and how I joined the wrestling team back then and how it helped me with my anger issues.

So naturally, I decided to sign myself up for a cage fight at Casino Arizona. As I began to train for the fight, I found that my passion for fitness was reignited, and from that moment things began to dramatically change for me. This is what I believe can happen for any of you as well, and with no down-side, why not take this challenge?


The purpose of this isn’t to take advantage of what you already have or use, but rather, to expand your mind to the many ways fitness can help you and your spouse. Maybe for you it’s crossfit, krav-maga, rock climbing, boxing, dancing, pole fitness, conventional lifting, or whatever else may ignite your own passion.

Or maybe it’s a type of workout you haven’t tried before but will benefit you greatly, such as yoga or a spinning class. So I challenge you to take a little time and search for gyms in your area that interest you enough to keep going for at least three months.

Why three months? As a personal trainer, I believe in the rule of three. Three days to start something new, thirty days to form a new habit, and three months to see the results of your hard work. By this point this new habit should feel natural and be consistent, and if you stay consistent for three months I promise you will see not only physical improvements, but mental improvements as well.

This is a benefit provided by our sponsors, partners, and your community who are here to serve you, just as you have served your country. We are thankful for the sacrifices you have made and for everyone else involved in this journey and our mission of neutralizing PTSD. Thank you for your service.


Whether it’s from a deployment or a car crash, trauma leaves invisible wounds that last for years on after the event. These wounds are known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which increases mental conditions such as anger, depression, and anxiety.

It’s important to note that PTSD’s negative conditions reach far beyond mental health. Those who suffer from PTSD are also prone to developing chronic conditions such as alcoholism, diabetes, obesity, sleep apnea, cardiovascular disease, just to name a few.



In Texas alone there are well over 10,000 Veterans with PTSD, which makes the MAVS mission a vital one that we are inspired to realize. There are countless studies on PTSD treatments all reinforce our strategy, as they conclude that exercise greatly improves the symptoms of PTSD.

But when a victim of PTSD gains weight and becomes less active, most studies find that symptoms worsen and that the chances for recovery are less likely. This is where we at Make A Vet Sweat come into the picture.

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