First and foremost, I would like to thank all my brothers and sisters for your service to our country. I understand, first hand, what most of you have been through being a veteran myself and feel there is an urgent need for more alternate means of coping with the traumas we have all been through. Upon getting out of the military and seeking help I was assigned to a counselor and prescribed anti-depressants. The treatment system I was a part of seemed to be more of a “one size fits all” plan and definitely did not work for me. I remembered at a young age how being on the wrestling team really helped me with my anger issues as a youth, so naturally I decided to sign myself up for a cage fight at Casino Arizona. During that period of training I found reignited passion for fitness and things changed dramatically for me from there. This is the same thing I am hoping can happen for each of you. The purpose of this isn’t to take advantage of what you already have or use, but rather, to expand your mind to the endless possibilities of the ways fitness can help you and your spouse. Maybe for you it’s crossfit, krav-maga, parkour, rock climbing, boxing, dance, pole fitness or conventional lifting, whatever ignites your own passion. Search for gyms in your area that interest you and that will keep you engaged for three months. Why three months? As a personal trainer, I believe in the rule of three. Three days to start something new, thirty days for form a new habit, 3 months to see the results of your hard work and become addicted. Stick with it for three months and you WILL see not only physical improvements, but mental improvements as well. This is a benefit provided by our sponsors and your community. Take a moment to thank them as you start you journey of fitness.

Justin Boflex Bohanon